About Us

Edens Air Conditioning and Heating is a family run business based out of Texarkana. The company has been in business since 2005 and has grown every year since. We understand that in our line of business, a fast and reliable service is the number one priority. The extreme temperatures of the region, both hot and cold, means that waiting even a couple of days to have your air conditioning or heating repaired is not a viable option, and so we strive to resolve every problem on the first call out.Edens Air Conditioner receptionist in Texarkana


Regular maintenance is key to a smooth running system, and this will also ensure that you get maximum value and longevity from your equipment. That is why we offer competitively priced service plans which should drastically reduce the likelihood of unexpected and expensive repair bills.

Confidence And Reliability

When people get home after a hard days work, they should be able to relax in comfort, setting the temperature to their exact requirement and then enjoying some well deserved down time. We take our responsibilities very seriously, all of our staff live and work in the local area, so we understand the unique extremes of the Texarkana region. Our staff are dedicated and passionate about ensuring that our customers are happy and comfortable in their homes, and that is one of the reasons why our business has grown. The majority of our business comes from recommendations, a fact we as a company take great pride in. We don’t down tools at 5.00, leaving the customer cold or hot, we continue working until each job is finished, and we believe It is this dedication to detail that sets us apart as a company.

Commercial Services

We also provide commercial services and being a small family business ourselves; we understand the challenges and difficulties other businesses face, especially if their HVAC systems develop a fault. All of our staff are trained to the highest level and are focused and determined in making sure that your business suffers as little disruption as possible. Our business is to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Whether residential or commercial you can rely on Edens Air Conditioning And Heating to get the job done, quickly, efficiently and for a very competitive price. We are fully licensed in Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma and provide HVAC services in all three states.

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