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Most people are well aware that annual furnace tune-ups are recommended but still, they don’t take it seriously. Don’t be one of those people who ignores this vital exercise that can save you and your family a lot of damage. Furnaces that aren’t tuned-up yearly can cause a lot of strain on your power system besides being a health hazard. Here are the signs you should tune up your central heater(furnace).

Higher bills

When your electricity bills becomes unreasonably higher than before without much adjustments to the electricity uses, it is time you tune up your furnace. You will definitely benefit financially if you tune up your furnace well and on a regular basis.

Gas leak

Furnace produces heat through the burning of fuel. Therefore always ensure that combustion process is highly efficient. A furnace that has not been tuned up as required can lead to gas leaks which can then cause disaster. Furnace tune ups helps keep your family safe. High carbon monoxide level can also be very hazardous to you and your family.

Poor performance

When you start feeling like the airflow is not effectively distributed in your house whenever your furnace is turned on, then you need to tune up your furnace. If you don’t tune up as recommended by experts, your furnace’s performance capacity will drop considerably.

Manufacturer’s warranty

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If you want to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, you need to tune up your furnace as regularly as possible. Some manufactures terminates their warranty on realizing that the furnace is poorly maintained. So the warranty should always be an awakening thought to remind you to tune up your furnace, because you won’t like repairing it every now and then if the warranty is terminated.

Stop ignoring your furnace and start maintaining it in the most appropriate way possible, and tune it up. Make sure the filters are either cleaned or replaced whenever they start being inefficient. This will reduce any strain on the furnace hence reducing its electricity consumption and create a healthy environment in your house.

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