Why You Should Keep Your Air Vents Clean

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The knee-jerk response from most of us when it comes to the matter of keeping air vents clean would be that it is something falling under the ‘take it or leave it’ category. If this is you, you can do yourself and the others sharing the living and/or working space with you a big favour by reading this short article below.

Unbeknown to most people, the simple act of keeping your air vents clean can have a significant impact on your Carrier HVAC Unithealth as well as your wealth – surely, two of the all important aspects of anyone’s life. At this point, you may well be wondering just how can the – almost nonsensical – task of keeping air vents clean possibly have such profound effects on your life. You may not be faulted for questioning this but what you read below will readily convince you.

Health Benefits:

Clogged air vents are great breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and other micro organisms. Assuming your air vents become infested with such organisms, the very air you breath could carry those to your body and lead it to get infected. Prolonged exposure could even lead to some serious health issues. You can easily avoid such risks by ensuring that you keep your air vents dust and germ-free by cleaning them at regular intervals.

Wealth Benefits:

Clogged air vents also cause the air conditioning and/or heating systems to work less efficiently, leading to higher utility bills. With clean vents, the heating/cooling systems will work more efficiently and save you significant amounts of cash in the long run. Furthermore, if your air vents remain clogged over long time periods, the excessive loads on your air conditioning system may cause it to suffer damage, leading to costly repair and/or replacement bills. Thus, you can prolong the life of your air-conditioning systems by the simple act of keeping your air vents clean.